Pet Tracker

Geolocation system for domestic animals.


A complete system consisting of:

  • An ultra-light collar (connected object), which sends the GPS coordinates of the animal via LoRa link.
  • A web platform, for managing users and collecting geolocation information.
  • A mobile app (Android and iOS) for the master, which allows him to view his animals on a map, display accurate geolocation information, and activate a “close tracking” mode.


  • Necklace very thin and very light, suitable for dogs and cats.
  • Long battery life.
  • The collar battery is removable, allowing the animal to keep the collar when recharging the battery.

Technologies used:

  • Necklace: Microcontroller ARM Cortex M4, LoRa, GPS, accelerometer.
    Elastomeric material. Flexible printed circuit.
  • Mobile application: Android, iOS, cartography.
  • Web Platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, MQTT, secure connection TLS.

pet tracker mobile app

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