LoRa reference design for M2M or IoT


As part of its IoT expertise, GOOBIE has just joined the LoRa Alliance.
GOOBIE today presents a « reference design » for many uses and markets B2B and B2C.
This « reference design » LoRa has already seduced major customers in energy and transport.
It is a small size box that can be used for metering or as a « tracker » of objects.
The electronic card comprises a LoRa transceiver of the SEMTECH SX1272 type, enabling bidirectional transmissions of information associated with the object.
Transmissions can reach more than 10 kms at a frequency of 868 MHz. In addition to the LoRa radio part, reference design includes various sensors such as 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, enabling precise location of the object.
It also includes temperature and humidity sensors, and other information associated with the object.
It is powered on battery or battery, for mobility.
The solution comes either as a development kit, with map and software development tools, or adaptable by GOOBIE for any need.
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